Item type used to help kill fish.

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Because each shot is valuable. Therefore, using kill items is something that will help us reduce the use of ammunition more. Most of the time, these items are available in every game. which are divided into 3 types as follows:        

Item type used to help kill fish

                    1. Automatic fish killing item This type of item has a wide range of destruction characteristics. Used for mass killing of fish. Some games may be in the form of an electric jellyfish that shocks the fish in the entire scene. or the UFABET fish that kills them But what every game can’t live without is a suicide crab with a bomb. When we kill the bomb, it will bounce to chase the fish all over the scene.

                    2. Gun type items In addition to the normal guns and electric guns that are available at the start of the game, special guns are another item that tends to pop up at the same intervals as boss fish. With a missile gun that can kill a large number of fish, but must be pressed at the specified time.

                    3. Chest bottom items are items that will only be available in the game of shooting fish. In order to use these items, we must make good decisions. Because most of them are for use when necessary, such as frozen fish items for the whole scene. Boss laser gun Item to summon fish to hunt for points. Including items that are constant, we have to deal with before they agree to help kill the fish for us in the whole scene.