Klopp: ‘Ghosts’ should be fined if fans protest postponement

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp believes the Reds need three points. If the game against Manchester United on Monday has to be postponed like in May last year. Because of the Red Devils fans protesting the team’s owners.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that the organizers should adjust his team to take the three points. If there was an incident , Manchester United fans protested the club’s owners. Until they had to postpone the match as last year before the Reds attacked Old Trafford in a boiling match on Monday.

Klopp: 'Ghosts' should be fined if fans protest postponement

Thousands of United supporters traveled to the stadium on May 2 2021. Where play was scheduled to be closed under coronavirus measures. To protest the poorly run Glazer family. Lead the team to failure and when some fans break into the field. The competition had to be postponed. and rocking to play at the end of the month instead

As in the new season, it is reported that Red Devils fans under the group name. The 1958 have posted messages on social media. invite other friends The crowd gathered to protest Monday’s Premier League game and when the German boss was asked if there were any plans to deal with it. If the protests caused the same problems as last year.

“The plan for the game that won’t happen, yes we’ll go home by bus, I really hope this doesn’t happen, but if it happens, I think we should get a point in this match. We have nothing to do with this situation. And if the supporters don’t want this UFABET game to happen We can’t arrange a new game again. and arrange the program for a very busy season,” said the Deutsche coach. 

However, if the match goes on normally, this game Red Machine needs three points a lot. because he started two shots Only got two points, while the natives who didn’t have any points were in one situation. It’s a red-hot game that’s different from many seasons ago. Because the two teams met with poor performance conditions.