Petit reveals Chelsea players quarreled on bench

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Emmanuel Petit, former France and Arsenal footballer revealed his concerns. After seeing the Blues players They got into a brawl on the bench during last night’s Premier League game.

 Emmanuel Petit has claimed Chelsea players argued with each other on the bench during last night’sdefeat to Arsenal. Pard has lost six games in a row since he replaced Graham Potter with the intention of taking the now-middle-of-the-table side to where they belong. But Petit was concerned by the behavior of several players who spent 45 minutes of the second half squabbling on the UFABET bench.

Petit reveals Chelsea players quarreled on bench

          He told Premier League Productions : “I was quite close to the Chelsea bench and I saw some players having arguments between them especially in the second half. The attitude of the players, body language, no response, no pride, no unity, no friendship . Something needs to be cleared in the dressing room first. Then think about the team manager later. You may have the best team manager on the bench but he doesn’t have the right answer. Too many players It was messy and embarrassing to watch Chelsea in the first half. And I feel sorry for the fans.”

          Besides being on the bench There also appeared to be some brawls on the pitch. Ben Chilwell and Thiago Silva getting into a heated argument during the first half. After Martin Odegaard’s second goal. Chilwell and Silva could be seen involved in what appears to be a hot topic regarding defensive positioning and other factors. That led to a 2-0 lead for the Gunners . Bohly has just signed on to separate the Brazilian.

 Chilwell seems to be pointing to the midfield as most of Arsenal play from the middle before being cleared out on the flanks. Odegaard’s second goal appeared to have come in a similar manner. As Granit Xhaka was on the left flank of the pitch. Before opening a low streak into the center of the box for an unmarked Odegaard. And the Norwegian team captain smashed the left into the net to give Cannon a 2-0 lead. 

          The incident marked another heartbreaking moment in Bohli’s first season of ownership after spending more than £600 million. While not less than four team managers have been used. Two of these were temporarily appointed. They are currently 12th in the table with 39 points from 33 games played.