Techniques for playing fish shooting games in private rooms

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 This way we will be able to choose a room and enter a password if you want friends to play with. Just inform the room number and password for friends to help play fish shooting games. It will make it easy to kill. The advantage is that we can kill each other without having to fight each other. Division of duties Increase the chances of winning. The disadvantage is that there is only one If people play less, it will be difficult to kill boss fish.

Techniques for playing fish shooting games in private rooms

Choose a gun, use the item as

        Special guns and items are essential for players to master. Shifting the timing to be chosen to suit each type of fish, because if you choose the wrong one, it’s not only harder to kill, get fewer points, but also means losing bets in vain because the UFABET bets we place are projectiles. that are ready to shoot The guns that the game has to use will be divided into 2 main types, which are normal guns and electric guns, which normal guns focus on fast fire. It is suitable for shooting fish that are close to the muzzle because this type of gun is not strong enough to shoot through other fish to reach the target. The electric gun will focus on shooting large fish because it can shoot more powerful than electric guns.

In some games, it is possible to kill a group of fish as well . Special items are divided into 3 types, which are automatic kills such as electric jellyfish Explosive crab that if we kill it, it will release a special feature to help kill other fish for us, a special gun, such as a laser gun, a missile gun that has a special strength that is suitable for killing boss fish. And the last type is emergency items that are often used when necessary, such as fish summoning items. Fish frozen item, if we use it at the right time, it’s guaranteed to kill fish and hunt for points. It’s fun.