Which fish to shoot gives a lot of money

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 In fish shooting game. There will be many types of fish and water creatures for us to choose to shoot in each of them will give different points or money. which can be divided according to the type of fish as follows

Which fish to shoot gives a lot of money

                  1. Fish item. This type of fish will not give players any points, but will give a special item when the player is able to kill it successfully and use this item to help kill the fish again.

                  2. Small fish give less points, but they are thin as well. If using a gun to shoot a whole flock, it will help to get enough points, and if looking good, sometimes there will be hidden item fish in the flock as well.

                  3. Medium-sized fish give a little more points than small fish, so there is almost no difference.

                  4. Big fish will start giving more points. Sometimes it gets a score multiplied by 2, but it’s harder to kill too.

                  5. Golden fish. This one will give you a high score, but it’s a bit difficult to deal with because it’s thick, it’s hard to kill.

                  6. Boss fish is the largest fish and the most difficult to manage in the UFABET game, requires special items, plus special guns to help manage the more friends to help will make it faster to kill, but the rewards, not to mention, are more than every fish. characters available in the game        

          At this point, you will probably get an answer that you have already played. Casino fish shooting games get real money or not, everything is up to us. Don’t believe anyone if you haven’t tried it yourself. Importantly, don’t forget that we come to play games to relax. The bet that we get is life profit. When you think like this, you can guarantee that you can play the game happily while having money to spend.