Doctors warn 2 groups at risk of PM 2.5 dust and how to take care of themselves

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Doctors warn young children, the elderly, and people with asthma, lung disease, and emphysema to avoid leaving the house. The period of small dust particles in the air rising. Risk of relapse Recommend using a hygienic mask for protection.

Doctors warn 2 groups at risk of PM 2.5 dust and how to take care of themselves

Dr. Chanthana Phadungthots, Director of the Bureau of Occupational and Environmental Diseases, Department of Disease Control (DOC), Ministry of Public Health (MOPH), talks about preventing the effects of dust exposure. After finding that the values ​​of small dust particles 2.5 microns or PM2.5 rose in many areas. There are 2 groups that need to be especially careful:

  1. young children and the elderly which when receiving a lot of dust It can cause irritation.
  2. Group of patients with asthma, lung disease, and alveolitis and coronary artery disease

Both groups need to be careful. And you shouldn’t go out of the building or be outdoors. It’s best to avoid it. If necessary, wear a mask to prevent disease. But if it is among patients with lung disease, heart disease, etc., this สมัคร ufabet group should not go out during the period that the Pollution Control Department has issued a warning. But if you have to go out and feel uncomfortable feeling tight in the chest Difficulty breathing Must rush to the hospital immediately. Because there is a risk of disease recurrence.

Wearing a hygienic mask Must choose quality that can filter small dust particles Like a mask that says N95, but with this type of mask, many people may feel uncomfortable wearing it. You may choose a different mask. But it must have the ability to filter a fair amount of dust. Can be made of carbon. Or if you really don’t have one, you can use a bandage like construction workers often use a loincloth. Or wearing two layers of face masks is still good.

In the case of using a cloth soaked in water to cover the mouth and nose to prevent it first, can it be prevented? Dr. Chanthana said that there are 2 groups with different opinions on this matter. As the first group of academics thought, it can be used because water will clog the holes in the mask, making it difficult for dust to enter. But another group of academics said that Water will cause the chemicals to dissolve, making us more exposed to dust and substances in the dust.

Therefore, if it is to prevent from your own perspective. I saw that I used a mask like I said. Or use a normal cloth as a precaution in case of an emergency. But another group that I want to be careful of is outdoor worker Both traffic police officers or a motorcycle driver It’s best to have a mask to wear.